Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is the first post to usher in the new blog about color theory for artists. It is the prelude so to speak for a book about color theory and also workshops/classes about color.
The main theme is that too often artists are taught color methods or techniques to color harmony without even having a starting grasp on how we see color, how we mix it and how color space works. Often times the information is either too technical and fit for scientists only or too vague and artsy for students to learn (other than by just copying color schemes). While there is a definite place for copying and looking at color schemes we believe it is fundamental to understand the basics.

We have taught this information to people throughout San Diego and LA and hope to share the information with more so they can start to understand more about the world of color. and while color may not be the most important thing in art, it is nevertheless one worth learning about and we hope to dispel the myths and simplify the science so you can use it for your own artistic discovery!

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