Sunday, November 22, 2009

Testimonials from a previous workshop

Here some reviews of this info we shared at a workshop in downtown San Diego this last year:

- "It has made me look at my paint in an informed way and not purchasing any paint blindly. You've made me a smarter artist!" - Cherry Sweig (

- "Even though I have been painting for many years I extracted many facts and tips about color. Very Useful." - Jori Owens, San Diego

- "Learned to start making informed choices about color." - Jeremy McKay, San Diego

- "You have accomplished a remarkably clear and concise presentation of a very complex and potentially confusing subject. Furthermore, you have done this without imposing narrowly-based and/or arbitrary rules many teachers utilize as crutches. It is refreshing that your approach encourages experimentation, exploration and is applicable to all possible artistic endeavors involving color and pigments." - Lydia Straus-Edwards, San Diego

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