Saturday, October 8, 2011

Book is now available on Amazon.

So Making Sense of Color is now available on enabling us to reach a wider audience. But if you are a regular to this site or a friend it benefits us more if you go through the CreateSpace E-store (see link ). If that's not possible then go through the Amazon link here on the page and thanks for all your support!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making Sense of Color - NOW AVAILABLE in print!

So it's finally here!

It's not easy putting a book together but thanks to some helping hands and some fine artists we've finally got round to putting all of color class info into print.

So now you can have the manual that we essentially have used for the class. Hopefully it is as helpful as the class. At least you can go over and over it again...and for those getting started it sure is nice to have a reference book even if you are taking the class.

If you wish to purchase it or preview a couple of pages see the links on this blog to the CreateSpace E-store. It will hopefully be available on Amazon too, for those that may not come across this blog or our classes in San Diego or Los Angeles. But, if you come here first, please go through CreateSpace as it benefits us more so we can start on part 2...

But for those who just have to buy it from Amazon..I'll be putting a link up when it's available there!!