Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alga Norte Shovels

Wasn't really sure if this ought to be on my personal artwork/studies blog but figured it would do just as well here. These are the shovels I mentioned in the previous post. Carlsbad had the groundbreaking event for Alga Norte community park in Carlsbad, CA and these are the painted shovels I did. Time was short so these were painted graphically with a color design that would most likely invoke the concept of the individual parts of the park (dog park, playground, aquatics, skateboard and baseball field). Since graphic color is the driving force of the design I didn't need to focus on exact drawing or form. I think there is entirely too much focus on realistic lighting in illustration and to me , at least, a lot of my favorite illustrators were more casual about it as long as the feeling of the picture was right. A lot of that feeling came from the color scheme not the accuracy of lighting.

Anyway, just a little color design. Here are the quick digital sketches plus some photos from the event:

Last two photos courtesy of City of Carlsbad Website . Here's the link to more info about the park exciting one for Carlsbad residents! (

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