Friday, May 11, 2012

Questions about color?

Color is complicated, no doubt about that which is why I'm hard at work making the second book to follow up on the first one (Making Sense of Color). This next one focuses on color observation and color design. It's going to clear up some common myths which I feel are propagated in modern teaching, even in "good" art schools. Color is not tied to any type of visual art (realism, photo-realism, abstract, representational etc.) and I really hope this next book will allow people to learn color in a way that is very individual yet truthful.

In the meantime, what sorts of concerns do you have about color and why?


  1. I was just wondering if you could explain to me clearly the difference between chroma and saturation... I'm looking forward to your reply.

  2. Hi, There really isn't any difference between the terms, at least not in any way I know that would benefit an artist. As an artist it is most helpful to be able to identify and categorize colors (rather than explain the nuances of the color vision process). When you are perceiving a color the translation of that color into paint comes when you can corroborate your sensation of that color with your knowledge of a categorized color-space (hue, value and chroma/saturation)allowing you to mix it or replicate that sensation to a certain degree. Sensing how strong (chroma/saturation) a color feels is part of this process. However, rarely does absolute chroma matter rather than color with the context of its surroundings (relative colors) but you have to take it step at a time and understanding color space through hue, saturation (chroma) and value is a great starting point!