Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why take a color class?

We've been asked this question lately, a lot. There is a lot of confusion about what the color class is really about and if it's really necessary and so we wanted to clear that up!

First off, there are a lot of color classes available to artists/art students. Some are taught by really good(and sometimes famous) artists. But without doubt, most of these classes are actually color DESIGN classes which talk about light source, color schemes and mood through color.The problem with these classes is that they presume you already have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of color and we meet a lot of people that come away from such classes/workshops without a better grasp of color. You see color design is not actually a foundational understanding of color.
So how do you know if you have a fundamental grasp of color and if a color design class is worth your money/time?
Well, if you know the following facts and can answer the following questions easily you might actually get something from one of those typical color classes. If not, then that's why we have our color anatomy class...

- Light source color is not always important. Why?

- There are no primary colors. This is very important to know why not and how that affects color design too.

- When do you use black? Is it good or bad?

- Why are there different color wheels? What is the purpose of a color wheel?

- How do we see color?

- What is chroma-value and why is it so important?

- How do I choose a palette of colors? When do I use earthtones?

- What are flesh-tones? Why is the Zorn palette so good for flesh-tones?

- If computers use additive color why use a subtractive color wheel when you paint digitally? It's illogical.

-Can I substitute this expensive color with this cheaper one?

- How do I mix colors effectively?

- Ultramarine blue is not a middle blue.

- What colors are shadows?

- And so on...

So how did you do? Well, there are so many questions that people have that go unanswered when they attend those other color classes and they keep taking them in the hopes that somehow if they just figure out what color scheme to use then they'll be a great artist. What they really needed is a class that empowers them with factual, non-bias information. And that's what we supply :)

Feel free to ask us questions to see if you'd benefit from our classes

Quentin and Tony

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